Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Fabulous Summer

So I know this is not what I usually do, but I thought that today, I would write and update anyone reading on what I've been up to because I feel like I've been away for a long while and I miss blogging.

My amazing summer really started with my best friend in the whole world, Adriel Clayton, coming home from studying in Toronto; he's the absolute most amazing person in the world and so to have him back made me extraordinarily happy. However, as it turns out, Adriel brought home a lot more happiness than I had planned because we're together now and I honestly believe that I couldn't be happier if you presented me with a lifetime supply of Reeses peanut butter cups, 35 million dollars and a big house in the Maldives. Made of playdough. So whilst I was in Hong Kong with Adriel, as you can probably predict, we were rather glued at the hip.

What made all of this rock even more was that I also did my internship with the Economist in July, while Adriel did his own internship in the hotel next door. My internship was probably the most fun challenge I've ever come across and I had a complete blast - I got the opportunity to write two stories based on meetings I sat in on, phone calls and interviews that I conducted, and research I did. It was awesome to get stuck in with the practicalities of writing and I couldn't have gotten along with the staff more whichmade me really happy.

Then, on August 3rd, I left Hong Kong to go to England for the rest of my summer. Bitter-sweet, owing to the fact that I had to leave before Adriel went back to school, but that's life. I'm staying with my sister, who lives with my Aunt and Uncle, while I'm here in Sproatley, Hull; although I've just spent the weekend in Hastings with old friends which was a blast. Besides the copious amount of shopping I did, we watched the meteor shower (shame on you if you missed it) and did plenty of catching up, enough to cover the last three years of our lives. Monday was spent in London with Janakan visiting London Tower, the London Eye and then Leicester Square with James watching The Simpsons movie. Caught up briefly with Kevin in Chinatown before having to run off to catch a train back to Hull - always interesting when you're travelling alone in a country full of basketcases, it seems.

Anyway so that's been my summer in brief so far! Just thought I'd update you and try to use the last month or so being insanely busy as an excuse for not doing any real writing; hope I pulled it off. I'll be back soon! Have a great remainder of the summer.